Innovative Firms


While others have created vehicles for investors to trade alternatives, Artivest has done something revolutionary: It is the first to offer a digital platform for alternatives, including private equity, private credit and hedge fund strategies. Other best-in-class alternative managers have also joined the Artivest Open Network, making their strategies more widely available.

The entire process can be completed on one platform, from due diligence and subscriptions to position management, as technology reduces errors and expedites actions. Artivest has developed interval funds to provide direct access to large alternative managers. Those may feed as conduits into underlying funds, or aggregate small checks into a separate entity. Investors gain transparency and accuracy, and all that for much smaller minimums than institutional investors typically require for access.

Over the past two years, Artivest has been achieving scale with both the high-net-worth and advisory communities. Before, investors were reticent to allocate substantial sums to alternatives. “First, it’s harder online because people trust paper. Investors may need the stomach to lock up money for years,” said James Waldiger, founder and president.

– Vanessa Drucker