Innovative Firms

BNY Mellon | Albridge

The upgraded data engine being rolled out by BNY Mellon | Albridge for its Wealth Reporting and Insight platform is delivering report speeds five times faster than before and allowing the firm to offer ever more capabilities, said Natasha Horn, director of product management.

Examples of the innovations this robust calculation engine makes possible include: a multi-level performance of running simultaneous comparisons versus running them separately; multiple levels of detail produced more quickly and consolidated in one report; and, complex calculation execution, for example, year-over-year comparisons of portfolios.

“These new capabilities are especially helpful for high-net-worth households that have struggled to get this [complex] information,” Horn said. “The engine has made things much easier to work on. It allows us to offer a lot of historical data without having to go offline and make users wait minutes for the information.”

— Deborah Nason