Innovative Firms


“Our mental model is — what happened with food will happen with finance,” said Johny Mair, co-founder of technology platform and sustainable asset manager, Ethic. “People have come to value how food is created, its nutritional value and environmental impact, and they want to approach investing the same way.”

The platform enables advisers and RIAs to transition client portfolios toward “sustainability” (sometimes known as socially responsible investing) via institutional quantitative models, transparent reporting and adviser education. The company uses a vast amount of analytics and data points as its backbone.

Ethic’s educational offerings include in-depth research and materials, along with in-person training and workshops on how to speak knowledgeably with clients about sustainability in general, and more specifically about personal interest areas. This education works in conjunction with Ethic’s highly detailed and transparent impact reporting that demonstrates to clients exactly how their money was used within a chosen impact area, and relevant tax implications.

Founded in 2016, the firm now oversees $180 million in assets under management and has partnered with industry leaders such as Fidelity and Dynasty Financial Partners.

– Deborah Nason