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FMG Suite

“Being able to engage with clients and prospects at scale over social media is a key activity for the 21st century,” said Scott White, president and CEO of FMG Suite, a marketing platform for financial service professionals.

To this end, the company recently released a feature called Curator, an artificial intelligence-powered engine that allows advisers to choose articles, pre-screened for compliance, to share on social media. Articles may be drawn from well-known business, leisure and other general interest publications, as well as from FMG-created content.

When they log onto the platform, advisers see a curated feed of content based on their preferences. Because articles are shared through FMG’s platform, it is able to monitor the responses to the shared media, track articles shared, audience engagement, etc. Over time, its AI capability uses this information to learn more about users’ needs and interests and can increasingly customize content accordingly.

— Deborah Nason