Innovative Firms

Miracle Mile Advisors

Miracle Mile Advisors’ newly launched online portal and associated mobile app have given its clients an expanded view of their financial lives. The portal allows them to link to credit cards, bank accounts, retirement accounts, trusts and other custodial accounts, eliminating the need to log into multiple sites. As a result, clients can access a consolidated view of what they own and what they owe, updated daily. In addition, clients can customize goals and view their investment histories.

The new portal also features a secure vault where clients can upload and store sensitive documents such as powers of attorney, wills, tax returns, etc. Access can be granted to clients’ accountants and attorneys.

“By allowing us to aggregate, the portal has allowed us to advise more holistically,” said Matt Granski, Miracle Mile’s president. “It also gives clients peace of mind and helps to expand wallet share for existing clients.”

— Deborah Nason