Innovative Firms

Orion Advisor Solutions

Over 2019, Orion Advisor Solutions expanded its tool set with three new services, each aimed at improving the client experience and making advisers more operationally efficient. “We sometimes had more innovative ideas than the resources to accomplish them,” said CEO Eric Clarke. “So, we took ideas to advisers, seeking their input on which to budget for.”

As a result, the following programs were launched: Orion bought Advizr in July 2019, a technology for advisers to scale their capabilities and extend planning nationally. Clients or prospects can go through a financial plan workflow, identify resources, consolidate net worth or balance sheets, and select allocations according to their preferred risk levels.

Second, the firm is enabling RIAs to build customized indexed portfolios directly. Its ASTRO platform replicates indexes that underlie an ETF or mutual fund. Advisers can use this optimization technology to select replicated baskets. Direct ownership provides tax alpha, can implement unique strategies, or help to balance portfolio risk around a large position.

Lastly, event-based notifications automate client communications according to triggers like reaching thresholds, rebalances, model changes, distributions and birthday congratulations.

– Vanessa Drucker