Innovative Firms


“Everyone told us that risk could not be boiled down to a single number,” said Aaron Klein, co-founder and chief executive of Riskalyze, a firm built around the concept of the Risk Number and launched in 2011. The metric, which has proven highly popular, is largely based on the downside risk of a portfolio over time, encapsulating the 95% probability range of where a portfolio may end.

In 2019, the company rolled out its Autopilot trading automation platform, which features a simple user interface — instead of a spreadsheet of trades —  that bases rebalancing decisions on client Risk Number drift and offers flexibility in defining portfolio targets.

Other recent innovations include the Riskalyze Timeline visualization tool, which allows advisers and clients to drag “events” across a timeline to show the impact of timing and their relationship to financial outcomes; and Check-ins, a behavior-oriented email feature that allows advisers to automatically check in with clients to ask them how they’re feeling about the market and how they’re feeling about their financial futures, automatically generating relevant content in response.

– Deborah Nason