Innovative Firms


“We see estate planning as one of the last frontiers for advisors,” said Sam Trapkin, head of product at Vanilla — a modern, comprehensive estate planning platform for advisors.

Vanilla allows advisors to add new value to some of their clients’ most important planning. With no expertise required, Vanilla creates a new tier of client touchpoints that visualize the client’s existing planning and often highlight significant opportunities to save the client unnecessary expense or stress.

“Vanilla’s breakthrough service integrates the financial and legal sides of estate planning and automates complex estate planning logic. It creates a valuable new revenue stream for advisors and greatly increases their retention and prospecting capabilities,” said Nick Beim, partner at Venrock.

And for ultra-wealthy clients, advisors can harness decades of industry-leading expertise by showcasing high-impact, visualized strategies tailored to their clients and prospects.

— Deborah Nason