Innovative Firms


LifeYield has combined features from its optimization process and its Taxficient Score. That combination gives advisers an indication of which clients might benefit by improving their tax efficiency and maximizing after-tax returns and income. The firm has partnered with Envestnet Analytics, to use its big data intelligence to formulate a score at the various levels of firm, branch, adviser book and client. That scoring reveals the efficiency of an adviser, and their clients’ household portfolios.

A measurement is computed for each client portfolio, as well as the associated dollar benefit across all households in an adviser’s book of business. Software then quantifies the advantages of improving asset allocation over multiple periods. LifeYield documents the results in a proposal, with a roadmap for transactions, identifying advantageous trades in rank order.

“We’re the first to connect all the dots and put on a dollar value,” said Jack Sharry, executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “We’re the only company doing this. It’s always a challenge to be uniquely beating the drum.”

– Vanessa Drucker