Innovative Firms


Advicent’s Guided Retirement tool, recently added to its NaviPlan financial planning software suite, is a “two-minute guided workflow” for clients and prospects to determine how well assets align with retirement goals. It can be integrated as a separate component within any firm’s wealth planning platform.

After entering only income information, users are guided to four adjustable assumptions based on a trove of big data from government and healthcare industry sources related to leisure, living, taxes and healthcare expenses. Clients can then add their retirement accounts to immediately receive a basic plan with the option to promote to a more detailed level-two plan.

The simplicity of the interface, the small steps and the immediacy of the results fosters momentum to continue adding data little by little.

Principles from the gaming industry influenced the design of the tool, said Anthony Stich, Advicent’s COO.

— Deborah Nason