Innovative Firms

Advisor Credit Exchange

“You can be the lending advisor as well as the investment adviser,” said Peter Stanton, CEO of Advisor Credit Exchange, a platform that helps advisers present pre-qualified credit opportunities to clients and partner with them in addressing their credit needs.

Advisers who sign up with the service allow the Exchange to access client-permissioned data and pre-qualify clients for specific loan options with its lending partners, Stanton said. Advisers can show this information to clients and are able to receive a referral fee. Financing solutions can be based on unsecured, real estate-based, securities-based and commercially secured credit facilities and are applicable to a range of individuals from mass-affluent to high-net-worth clients.

“Clients periodically need to borrow, whether for college tuition, business loans, purchasing a home, etc. Advisers can now say, ‘When you have these needs I have several competitive options,’” Stanton said.

— Deborah Nason