Innovative Firms

Brown Advisory

Brown Advisory discovered that recent innovations to its proprietary client portal, TouchPoint, not only enhanced the client experience, it also brought in more business.

“We’ve been able to demonstrate that clients who use it are contributing more assets to their investment accounts,” said Michael Maxwell, director of operations, citing the platform’s functionality as a driving factor.

Some of the new features include:

  • Charitable giving reports that track charitable pledges
  • Convenient links to investment commentaries and the company podcast
  • Reports on alternative investments (not usually included in client portals)
  • Easily configurable user interface to customize views to individual preferences

TouchPoint is easy to enhance, allowing Brown to respond quickly to user feedback. Additionally, it has proven so popular with users that 90% of private clients have opted out of receiving quarterly reports, instead feeling confident enough to check on their portfolios at will, Maxwell said.

— Deborah Nason